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Fuck Yeah Davis Cup

September 18, 2010

I screencapped the shit out of the post-match celebrations, so instead of posting them to Twitter one by one, just chuckin’ them all on here.
I’m posting this whilst listening to My Blue Heaven, by the way, for the one of you who is interested.

Llodra begs Monfils to breakdance. Monfils, being a show off, does.

Literally just a photo of Clement's face, because you never need an excuse to post a photo of Clement's face.

Perhaps an 'Add Your Own Caption' one? Comment box is there for a reason.

Too cute.

Put the same photo in twice in the montage, one of them should've been this.

No caption needed. Just look. (pretty sure it goes bigger if you click it)

Yeah, so, I still love the French.