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Roddick, I choose you!

October 13, 2010

What if tennis players were Pokemon?

Andy Roddick. He’s our number one guy, our go-to guy. He might not always come through, but you still love him for it. He gets injured a lot, and you always seem to have a reason to feel sorry for him, but never underestimate what this guy can do.

Even though they’ve broken our hearts and seperated as a doubles team, I cannot seperate them in my heart. So I had no choice but to crown them Nidoking and Nidoqueen. These guys actually start off as one species, Nidoran male and female. They then grow and evolve to become seperate entities.

No explanation necessary. I also considered him to be Caterpie or Weedle, because they’re always just there. Always. They never leave you the fuck alone.

Kohls just sort of came outta nowhere and started ruining people’s lives.


Nadal began as Machop, a feisty little Spanish boy. He grows to become Machoke, with ripping biceps, to eventually become Machamp (pictured above).

Elekid generates energy by whirling it’s arms, but it cannot store the energy it creates.

Oh come on, it was so obvious.

The first ATP Pokemon I ever noticed. Charmander is absolutely adorable, and his head just sort of turns into his neck. Gasuqet is absolutely adorable, and his head just sort of turns into his neck.

I plan to continue this, so feel free to submit your ATP Pokemon ideas.