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Second week, BOOM!

June 27, 2010

Just a celebratory post for Andy Roddick and Julien Benneteau for getting into the second week of Wimbledon. If Roddick didn’t, I’d be in the foetal position on my living room floor right now, we sort of expected him to. But Jules, oh man am I proud. Well done, Benny, didn’t even take you five sets this time, always a bonus.

Roddick, just chillin'. On the ground.

He won. Well done, sincerely.

Oh my.


The many faces of Julien Benneteau.

June 24, 2010

Bet you thought he only had one.

"This is my 'you want some, come and get it' face."

"This is my 'one day, this will all be mine...' face."

"This is my concentration face."

"This is my annoyed face."

"This is my scared face."

"This is my 'you wish you had a slave' face."

"This is my 'I know you're checkin' out my hot bod but I'm pretending I haven't noticed' face."

"This is my pleased face."

"This is my pensive face."

"This is my angry face. Grrrrrr."

"This is my 'have you seen how hot my brother is?' face."

"These are our 'we will FUCK YOU UP' faces."

"These are our 'BFF4EVAAAA!' faces."


June 11, 2010

This is what happens when you don’t televise outside courts.
I have to hear about Benneteau all day long, knowing that he’s there, playing, winning and being adorable, but I cannot see him. Not even when he gets to Centre Court because apparently nobody wants to watch doubles on television.

So I YouTubed him, and as horrific (yet endearing) as it was to watch this first time round, I had to watch it again.
What I would give to be that racket.

Lars’ face is priceless, he looks like somebody has just told him their name is Lanolin. Like sheep’s wool?

AEGON Championships/ Day Three

June 10, 2010

Minimal rain delay, always a bonus.
What is not a bonus, is when they decide to show you yesterday’s Monfils match to pass the time during the rain delay. Seriously, once was more than enough.

The day started off disappointingly, with Grigor Dimitrov being knocked out by Lopez. I’m not a massive fan of Lopez, mainly because he’s terrifyingly similar to Amelie Mauresmo, and frankly, it just freaks me out. I tend to avoid the both of them equally.

Things quickly picked up though, when Benneteau gloriously broke serve to take the first set in his match against Anderson. Plenty of double faults, breaks, break backs… I can imagine, if I was watching it in person, I’d be in tears, shaking and running to the bar in every changeover. At £4.50 a pint, I don’t think I could afford to go to many Benneteau matches. He reminds me of Roddick in a way, I think that I have a ‘type’ when it comes to tennis players. Tall, handsome, and completely infuriating to watch. He confirmed this when he had three match points and chose to show us one of those double faults he loves so much. Cheers, Julien.

I literally can’t even remember the Nadal match. Yawn. You’re amazing, I’m over it.

Next up on Centre Court was The Serbinator, fully clothed unfortunately. This match brought me my most exciting moment of the tournament so far. I SPOTTED RACHAEL! It took two false alarms,  a number of texts describing exactly where she was and what she was wearing, and enough rewinding and pausing of my Sky+ to make me ten minutes behind the live footage, but I found her.

Top left, checking out the hottie next to her. I gots mad spotting skillz.

 I don’t know how she’ll feel about me posting photos of her on this blog, but it was a very proud moment for me, so it’s going up, and it’s staying up.
Unless she asks me to take it down.

The day continued with ups and downs. I was delighted with the result of the Mahut/Cilic match, more so than I thought I would be. I discovered this when Cilic broke Mahut’s serve and I began clapping like a loon. Bad times for the British though, with not only the Murray brothers being knocked out of doubles, but also Fleming and Skupski (known as Flemski over on their Twitter). I was really disappointed in the Flemski result, not only because Fleming is painfully handsome, but also because they were so enjoyable to watch last year (they beat the Bryans for crying out loud) so I was hoping they would repeat that to get onto Centre, let me watch a match or two, y’know? But it was not to be.

All in all, a fairly successful day. Tomorrow is where it’s at though, not only is it kicking off with Roddick on Centre Court, but from 12.30pm until the last ball drops (ha), the French will be fucking shit up in singles, doubles and everything inbetween. Which I guess is just practice courts, but yes, they’ll be there too. Go Benneteau!