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Mo in the Sunday Times.

June 27, 2010

Oh how I giggled.



We liked Isner before you did.

June 25, 2010

I just had to let this out. Rachael especially, liked Isner way before that match. And all this Mohamed Layhani love? Bitch please, who do you think this blog is NAMED AFTER?

Perhaps I’m just angry because at around 68 games all, or 68-69, I thought to myself ‘jeez, I need a cigarette, this is going to go on forever. will just go now.’
As I walked back into my flat, I could hear the cheering coming from my living room and Isner’s smile lighting up my television.
Yeah. That’s right. I missed it.

I'm dead small. Queen's Club 2008.

Rachael's a bit taller. Nipple height at least.

Can I also add, if this post sounds a bit bitter, I am half joking. Obviously so unbelievably pleased for John Isner and the amount of recognition and new fans he’ll have now is 100% deserved.

If you’re not already, follow him on Twitter @johnisnertennis.